A few years ago, I worked as a corporate trainer in downtown Toronto and although I liked my job, I found I was happiest and less stressed when I did something creative. All through my life I had painted but I wanted more of a challenge and so decided to do something different- jewelry designing. Instead of restless nights of apprehension, I exchanged them for ‘so-excited-I-can’t –sleep-because-I have-an-idea’ nights!
After making a few commissioned pieces for friends and family, someone suggested I sell my work online. And voila, Vitrine was born! I am inspired by a lot of things- texture, color, shapes and materials and this was a chance to make something unique out of my finds. I make pieces that I would love to wear myself. Perhaps that doesn’t make good business sense, but I couldn’t wake up every morning creating just for a monetary value. I’d like to think each piece is made with lots of love, care and soul!
I get easily bored, so I try to learn new techniques by reading a lot of craft/jewelry books. Sometimes I’ll love a bead or stone so much that I will have to figure a way how to incorporate it into something wearable. (That analytical side of me comes from my dad who’s an engineer.) So that’s why you’ll see a wide variety of jewelry available in my Etsy store- Glazed Japanese paper pendants, gemstone jewelry, wirewrapped rings and my newest line of Cocktail jewelry. My work is constantly evolving as I experiment with different styles and materials, so keep an eye on my store!


Anatomically Incorrect Creatures comes from the brain of The Creature Specialist (a.k.a Bree Y.), who lives and works out of her Creature Laboratory in Los Angeles. She is a lover of all creatures odd, strange, scruffy and, of course, cute! But fate is cruel because The Creature Specialist is severely allergic to all real animals with fur. Unable to keep a pet herself, she has created many fun, weird and adorable creatures to call her own and has decided to share her creations with the world. All creatures she creates are slightly anatomically incorrect and brightly colored. These strange, not-seen-in-nature animal hybrids are guaranteed to bring a smile to their owner’s faces.

The Creature Specialist holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a MFA in Fine Art From Otis Art and Design.

Shop: www.aicreatures.etsy.com
Facbook: www.facebook.com/aicreatures
Web/Blog: www.aicreatures.com

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Designed by LULULANG!

I believe you can right click on the card above and 'Save Picture As' to your desktop.  Then you can choose to print the item yourself or upload it to a photo development site (ie: walmart, cvs, etc) and have it printed as a photo.  I am going to try it today, then I will mount it on a piece of cardstock and use the back to write a thank you note to my customers along with my shop website addy...  I will post a picture once I get it back so we can check out the results.

Please send this card out with your sold orders and attract more attention to our fabulous galleries!

I'd like to offer up a competition of sorts for who will design the card for the team! :D


** 4"x6"ish in size

** .jpg format for easy printing

** Forget Me Nots Daily Discoveries Team Gallery

** www.forgetmenotmemories.weebly.com/daily-gallery.html

** Some kind of 'tag' line about great
way to shop etsy, discover new shops
every day, new items added every day.

** Some color would be nice but not too crazy
so it won't be so expensive to print.

** Cutoff for entries will be Friday evening...

You DO NOT have to use the card in your packaging if you are not comfortable with the idea, this is just another way to get the gallery out to new people... On the back you could write your thank you note and your shop addy...

If you would like to submit an idea convo me, I'll give you my email so you can send me the file, then we'll do a YAHOO POLL (can't vote if you don't sign up!) to pick the winning design!!!


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