AlyssaBeth posted a great link to a video on SEO if you haven't watched it you should!

Alyssabeths says

Here's a link that explains the importance of SEO for getting views to your Etsy Store. Produced by Kim and Tim at Everything Etsy, they used my store (great, lol) to show you what not to do. I have them permission of course.

Okay time to check your store for just a moment…does it say what you want it to say. Take a look at the upper left corner of your shop. You will see your shop name (naturally) but what does it say just below that? This line SHOULD say what you sell. We’ve talked about this on an off in the other thread but it bears repeating and acting on if you haven’t already.
That second line under your shop name is Google searchable. Make sure it tells people what you sell -handcrafted jewelry, fine art card, hand stitched items …whatever…just make it accurate.
Mine says TheOldBarnDoor Vintage Postcards, Paper Ephemera and covers
FMN says - Cards, Jewelry, Gift Sets & Custom Paper Good.
Instead of repeating your store name or having your name and location consider changing it to drive more people to your store. After all, people can’t buy from you if they can’t find you.
Got to “Your Etsy” and select “Shop Settings” then “Info & Appearance”
“About your Shop” will have your shop name (which you can’t change)
Shop Info Title…right there…that’s where you can tell the world what wonderful things you sell. Don’t forget to scroll down and click SAVE.

Take a moment to make the change…it’s a small one but it will pay off. Hope that helps.