So as I started to work on the whole issue of tagging I realized just how important it was and realized I can’t do it in just one post. So this is Post One of several (probably 3 over the next few days). I’m going to start with the topic of our Team Tag

TEAM TAG – Action required

Okay so over the next while we will be sorting out a few things with our new fabulous team. Short form of our name is FMNDD (Forget-me-nots Daily Discoveries). Our team tag will be FMNDDTeam. So you are probably saying to yourself…how nice…why do I need to know that. Well here’s why and what we need you to do.

Being a member of a team creates a special bond. We need to be able to find each others’ listings efficiently without too much hunting. Say I want to create a treasury of blue items using our team items. If you have tagged your items with the team tag, I can quickly locate them by searching “Blue FMNDDTeam.” This saves me looking at each store one by one searching for blue. As our team grows in size, as it is doing day over day, this will become an increasingly important tag to add.

Here’s what you need to do:
Over the next while we need you to insert the team tag in your listings so that at least 25% of your listings are tagged FMNDDTeam. More would be great but at least 25% gives us a good sampling and may become a team requirement. While you are there editing your listing to insert this tag, review the other tags you are using….are you happy with them … if not, now is the time to change them. There will be more suggestions on tagging down the road over the weekend.

If your store is like mine and you have lots of listings trying to do them one by one can be a challenge. Contact me and I can send you a link to a site that will allow you to do bulk changes.

Stay tuned for more helpful hints each day. Tags; info on building a Team Treasury, the power of renewing listings; getting that title just right; And, I’m open to suggestions…have a topic in mind, send me a convo.

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