A few years ago, I worked as a corporate trainer in downtown Toronto and although I liked my job, I found I was happiest and less stressed when I did something creative. All through my life I had painted but I wanted more of a challenge and so decided to do something different- jewelry designing. Instead of restless nights of apprehension, I exchanged them for ‘so-excited-I-can’t –sleep-because-I have-an-idea’ nights!
After making a few commissioned pieces for friends and family, someone suggested I sell my work online. And voila, Vitrine was born! I am inspired by a lot of things- texture, color, shapes and materials and this was a chance to make something unique out of my finds. I make pieces that I would love to wear myself. Perhaps that doesn’t make good business sense, but I couldn’t wake up every morning creating just for a monetary value. I’d like to think each piece is made with lots of love, care and soul!
I get easily bored, so I try to learn new techniques by reading a lot of craft/jewelry books. Sometimes I’ll love a bead or stone so much that I will have to figure a way how to incorporate it into something wearable. (That analytical side of me comes from my dad who’s an engineer.) So that’s why you’ll see a wide variety of jewelry available in my Etsy store- Glazed Japanese paper pendants, gemstone jewelry, wirewrapped rings and my newest line of Cocktail jewelry. My work is constantly evolving as I experiment with different styles and materials, so keep an eye on my store!

3/28/2011 10:52:37 am

Great story Vitrine! I love your jewellery and you take such beautiful pictures!!! Keep it up! :)

3/28/2011 04:19:08 pm

Thanks so much Lulu!

4/2/2011 09:40:40 am

Vitrine... We share a lot in common. I could ditto your profile with very few changes. Love your work and wish you all the luck on your jewelry.

4/2/2011 10:30:02 am

Thanks ggs! I'd love to hear your story- maybe sometime soon?

4/2/2011 12:08:53 pm

Wonderful article on such a talented jewelry artist!


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