I have always been involved in working with my hands in some way or another.  About 17 years ago I started building fantasy birdhouses for fun and pretty soon friends were encouraging me.  The following spring, the local farmer's market became my second home and I spent the next 6 years creating and selling them to people from all over the world.
Then we relocated to another area and life changed. After Ebay I learned about Etsy and thought I could sell them here. But Canada Postal rates sky rocketed and it became way too much for shipping.  So, I sort of stagnated for a few years and then my daughter saw my frustration at doing very little re my crafts and suggested I look into doing something else here on Etsy. Voila....a new path opened up for me.....reclaiming and repurposing vintage and well loved jewelery, etc.  I am still on a learning curve with this new venture, and am loving it alot.   It is just a hobby for me....but one I think I am hooked on.  It is such alot of fun searching out these forgotten treasures and putting my own twist into designing.....making a little funk, a little punk, a little class and a little sass!!!

Thanks for taking a moment from your day to stop and read my bio.

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