Hello! My name is Kelly and I share my Michigan home with my husband, son, and 2 daughters who manage to leave their college campuses just long enough to still call here home. We also have 2 dogs, 4 cats, and a goldfish pond filled with goldfish with names such as Duncan, Dalmatian Fish, and Schenectady.

I love to weave and knit and problem solve. No, this doesn’t mean I’m good with math, it explains how I recycle. I’m perfectly OK with throwing garbage away but I do not want to treat something that can be reused as trash. I weave with rags, sew with fabric scraps, play with paperboard, and paint with reclaimed buttons.

My Quiet Storytellers shop has become quite eclectic as I play with more and more fibers. This is OK for me; it just means my story is being told in more ways than ever. I also hope it means your choices, those quiet storytellers of your life, may find a story to tell thanks to my little shop.

My wish for you today is a whiff of memory is carried on the wind and that you smile because of it.
7/19/2011 05:45:24 am

That's a cool story Kelly! Good luck with your awesome store :)


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