One of the things I love is hearing a shop owners personal story, what inspires them, what made them open a shop, how they chose their artistic medium.  Here Maria tells us her own fantastic story!

My name is Maria.

My first 20 years I spent in Kazakhstan, and then leaving all the well-known there, I immigrated to Israel. Despite the fact that I was all by myself in a new country, in a new culture, surrounded by new people, who were speaking in a new language, I felt happiness and joy among everything new.

Here I've experienced something that revealed me to the whole new being, full of diversity of its manifestations. It revealed me to life and death, simplicity and grandeur, day and night, black and white and to the shades between those both sides. I wanted to share this revelation with the whole world, but I did not have enough words to do it. So I began my journey of searching for my individual form to express what I feel.

It is a long journey.

Life has passed as usual; I've studied and picked a profession, working with autistic children. Then, my first son was born. During all this period I, subconsciously, continued my search. At this point I found the Kabbalah. I've met people who experienced similar experiences. I felt that I was not alone anymore and this understanding gave me strength to continue my search. Soon, I met my beloved one and got married, my second son was born, and after wards my daughter.

After the birth of my daughter, I found out the world of beads. The creation process of beauty with tiny beads fascinated me and I couldn't stop.
My first sales were, if I may say, very random. People I did not know were interested in my creations and bought them. It was great - the feeling of opportunity to share what I felt, it was life in all its multifaceted beauty. It was what I was looking for. Therefore I decided to open a shop.

The name of my shop not incidentally is Voice of the Earth - a voice from the depths – which is telling the secrets of life and helping me to remember the completeness of the world. Not always, the black color is for grief and sadness, it can be refined and elegant, not all that is gray - dull, and not always the red color red is to express aggression.

Often my creations are inspired by nature. From time to time the inspiration comes from the stories of other people, reveals all the diversity and beauty of inner world.

My creative process - is in scrutinizing, listening, living and searching for color, style and shape. Sometimes this process helps me to understand myself. I can express the storm of feelings inside of me in my creation and while looking at it, I understand the meaning of the happening (the example of such creation is this red bracelet).

I still keep looking, learning and I want to find more and more people to share with them the Beauty of the word

Check out all of Maria's fantastic and intricate beadwork in her shop www.callofearth.etsy.com

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