This weeks random winner is..... - Forget Me Not Memories
I am happy to announce the next winner of the random blog and banner feature.  I hope everyone reads, enjoys and takes inspiration from CandN's story...
I started doing paper crafts about 2 years ago. I love having a hobby and creating new things. Finding Etsy was great for me because I could keep creating and hope that people out there would like my items so I could create more.

I was in a craft store one day and was looking at paper and thought what can I do with that? I had the idea to do a card and from there it all began. Now everytime I see a paper I think what can I do with that? Sometimes I will be just daydreaming and come up with an idea and want to get started on it right away. I then post it in my shop and hope it sells:)

I started with just cards, as my name implies, and then branched out into jewelry, notebooks, post it note holders, etc. My post it note holders have been a great for little gifts to have around and especially for teacher gifts. I then had an idea to do magnets because everyone needs those. Again I started small and as you can see, keep adding. My alphabet magnets and spell your name magnets are new to my shop. Many people seem to like them and I am hoping they take off. I keep experimenting with size, etc to see what people want.

I got into scrabble tile and glass tile pendants too. They are fun to make and people seem to like them. I have gotten some custom work off of those. My handstamped jewelry is just beginning, I plan to add more in the future.

So I just keep thinking of new items to put in my shop hoping that people like them. I love custom work so if there is anything you would like, please let me know and I will work on it for you.

This is not my full-time job, but would love for it to be someday.

Melissa From Cakery Fakery
2/6/2011 21:47:53

Love the scrabble tile pendants!

2/6/2011 22:19:37

Thanks so much for the lovely feature!!!


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