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My name is Tracy, and I live in the small town of Caledon, Ontario, Canada with my fiancée and our two kitties. My “real job” is working at a restaurant (not creative or crafty at all!), but when I’m not working, I am spending most of my time working at the job I love: my Etsy shop, Lulu Lang.

My story begins nearly 10 years ago, during my last year of high school. Like many people of that age, I was struggling to find myself and figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I took a trip to my guidance counsellor’s office to discuss my career possibilities with her. I had always thought I would become an entrepreneur and have always been creative and crafty. I told the counsellor that I would like to have a job that involved putting words and images together. Her only suggestion to me was to become an author/illustrator, otherwise no such job existed. I was not interested in pursuing that career, so I left her office and for years afterwards I tried to find a job of that description that did exist.

Fast-forward a few years - I had the idea that to make one of my friends a birthday card. She was so impressed with her card that I became inspired to create more, so I did! I kept making cards, and really enjoyed every minute of it. Eventually I built up a small inventory of cards and made my first sale to a local woman who wanted to buy all the cards I had. I had never met this customer before, and I was thrilled and motivated. I had realized the job of my dreams did exist and I would be able to make this happen for myself.

While doing online research about starting my own business selling handmade cards, I came across a website that would change the world of handmade as I knew it: Etsy. I knew I wanted to continue creating handmade cards and build up a business, and Etsy provided me with the platform to make this happen. I love seeing the look on someone’s face when they open one of my cards. I know they appreciate my unique and personal cards more than something bought in a store. I put a lot of myself into everything I make, and find it very relaxing and rewarding.

While my business was beginning to develop, I was still working to find the perfect name for my new business. It took me many years to find a name that reflected strength and creativity while also being memorable. Lulu Lang was born from two pieces of my own family history: I had been doing a lot of research on my great grandfather, Hilliard Lang, who was a Canadian champion boxer at the turn of the century and Lulu comes from one of my earliest childhood nicknames.

Lulu Lang is not yet my full-time job but it is where my heart is most content. My goal is to, one day, be operating Lulu Lang as a full-time business, but for now I will continue doing what I love and enjoy selling my handmade items to customers worldwide. Although I am still new to Etsy, I am excited to see where this path will take me, and I look forward making more people smile by doing what I love to do.

1/30/2011 11:37:30 pm

Thanks so much! :)

2/3/2011 08:43:43 am

Great story! Just goes to show you will be successful at what you love doing! Keep creating and best of luck!!!

2/4/2011 12:32:48 am

Your art is from the heart. Blessings on your gift.


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