Creating jewelry began very innocently. One day I walked into a local craft store and bought a beginners jewelry making kit and a set of four basic tools. Well, that lasted all of five minutes! The next day I was off on an adventure to find local bead suppliers and discover new techniques. About a year later when I owned more jewelry than any sane person should and my friends and family were equally bedazzled, JanJat Jewelry was born. JanJat actually comes from an Indian term 'jhan jhat' which loosely translates as 'bits and pieces'. I felt it was an accurate description of my distinctive creations ranging from the delicate and dainty to the bright and bold.

I believe my creative instinct and love of artistic expression is entirely due to my Mom. Ever since I can remember we would spend hours in the craft room making something - paintings, drawings, clay pots, papier-mâché and the list goes on. She was always incredibly supportive, encouraging and, most importantly, gave me the freedom to color outside the lines. As I grew up school and sports monopolized my time and art was put on the backburner. I still love to play basketball, ride horses and be immersed in water be it swimming, scuba diving or just playing the in waves. However, I am so grateful that I have once again let loose my creative self, it gives me a sense of peace and tranquility as well as joy when a piece of jewelry finally comes together.

The actual process of making a piece varies. Sometimes the inspiration hits and two hours later I have a finished piece and other times I spend hours considering, changing, coming back to it, adding an element and even scrapping the entire idea to start again. It all depends on how I feel. I have learned to trust my heart over my head and I have realized that if I am truly happy with a piece then others will share that experience.

In the future I hope to eventually open a brick and mortar store that would be able to showcase not only my work but other talented local artists. As well, I would love to have a huge library in my home, a couple of little ones and publish a novel or two and put that old English Lit degree to work. For now, I am incredibly grateful to have a very loving, supportive group of friends and family who always encourage, critique and inspire. Plus three rambunctious cats whose idea of 'help' is flinging beads off the table and chasing them around or climbing through the tissue paper walls of my light box!

2/28/2011 09:49:03 pm

What a warm, wonderful, inspiring story. You can clearly see the love of what you do in all your creations. Thanks for sharing and keep following your heart's desire.

3/1/2011 12:26:32 am

What a wonderful and inspiring story! I loved the part about colouring outside of the lines, and you should always listen to your heart. Thanks for sharing!

3/1/2011 08:24:02 am

How nice to learn about the artist behindthe artwork. Great story! Nice to see you are an kitty lover as well! >^.^<


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