To keep our team forums uncluttered I'm going to open a Team Treasuries thread.  This is where everyone should post ALL treasuries made.  This way people can look at their own pace.   You can also post treasury links in the daily thread for people to visit.  I will keep a running list and post it periodically throughout the day in the days thread. 

This will make it easier for people to keep track of which treasuries they've visited instead of seeing 64 different threads with links spread all over.... 

I will move all treasuries posted in the last two days into the new thread and close the other threads.  This is only being done to keep the team forum clutter free not to stop you from promoting, we WANT you to promote!

So please post treasuries in the Team Treasury thread.  People will be able to keep up by checking the same thread every day and quickly be able to find where they left off.  As a side note to this, lets keep the posts to treasury links only and comment on the treasury page itself!  This after all is what makes them popular lots of clicks and comments! 

Don't forget, you may also post your links in the daily threads and comment on them there too, just keep the treasury thread uncluttered by posting the link only...  If anyone has any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me by convo....


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