AlyssaBeth posted a great link to a video on SEO if you haven't watched it you should!

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Here's a link that explains the importance of SEO for getting views to your Etsy Store. Produced by Kim and Tim at Everything Etsy, they used my store (great, lol) to show you what not to do. I have them permission of course.

For those of us that do not want customers having our phone number read this post from twistedplanet as she had a customer call her on the phone!

twistedplanet says

alright update from the paypal issue. everyone needs to check this. when you add a phone number for paypal to use, they automatically set it up as your customer service number as well. so a customer has access to that information.
to remove this option, you need to log in and go to your profile and remove the customer service phone number option from your account.
  TREASURIES – if you built it they will come…well, maybe not

I know I have been talking about the importance of tags in your listings and I want to encourage you to move forward on including the team tag in your listings.  I will come back to this important topic however it seems as a team we have turned into a dynamic treasury creation machine.  Treasuries are a great way to get your shop and the team “out there” and be noticed. Just because you  build a great treasury doesn’t mean people will look at it …there are some things you can do to help it along.   Time to touch on some highlights for success.

I want to touch briefly on a couple of things and this list is by no means the complete authority on the topic.  I want to touch on the following:

* Finding the Right Inspiration

* Creating the Treasury

* Tagging: Team and Non-Team treasuries

* Treasury Etiquette



I know a lot of people are driven to create a treasury that will end up on the front page. While that would be lovely I believe you want to build one for the sheer pleasure of it and to promote the shops you feature.  Look to things in your day, or what is popular or hot right now, holidays, colours, something that catches your eye or tickles your funny bone.  I did a whole egg treasury one day after a funny event in the hen house.  The inspiration is often the least challenging part of creating a treasury. 

I have found that without fail, anytime I do a treasury, it drives business to my own shop. Guess people get curious about me as the curator and check it out too. 


*Finding the right items is key to building a successful treasury.  They should be in keeping with your theme. Look for items with the best pictures from shops that have a good reputation (100% positive feedback) or perhaps brand new shops just starting out.  Make sure the items are relevant to your theme. 

*Search Etsy for the right items and mark down the item number (and maybe even a short description of the item).  You need 16 pics in total but I always have 1 or 2 extras in case something is sold by the time I’m ready or I just don’t like the way something looks. 

*Your description of the treasury is more meaningful if you include a bit about why you choose that theme, a quote or something that lays the framework for the treasury.  Don’t make people guess.  And, if it is a team treasury add (Forget me Nots Daily Discovery Team FMNDDTeam)

*Pick the best three pictures to go in those first three slots…they are the ones that show up and need to catch the eye of potential treasury seekers. 

*Load your items in, move them around until you are happy with how it looks and add your tags (see the next section for team tag info)

*Once you hit save…it is live so make sure you are happy with it before unleashing it on the universe.  Don’t panic, there is an edit button.


These are to be considered guidelines we would ask you to respect…not so much rules, as we aren’t a big rule based team.

*To be considered a FMNDDTeam treasury, it should include a minimum of 8 shops from our team.  (no multiples from a shop) and do not include items from your own shop.  You can certainly include more, but 8 is the minimum.  This allows you to fill the balance of the treasury with items that match your theme from around Etsy. This will help broaden our exposure and reach…the more people who see our great stuff…the better it is for our shops and all of us.  If you develop a “team treasury” make sure to use the FMNDDTEAM in the tag section of the treasury

*Another tag to include is etsyteamtreasury.  This one helps when Etsy goes looking for teams to promote…they may just find us. 

*You don’t have to build only team treasuries.  Curate what your heart leads you to. Promote it to the team, however we would ask you not to include the FMNDDTEAM in the treasury tag.  When you post it to the Treasury section on our site, simply put whether it is a team or non-team treasury.  We love to see and support them all.


Okay so now you have built it and turned it live…what do you do? It takes a bit of time but it is courtesy, I think, to let each featured shop know you have included them. Click each listing and send them a convo with the link to the treasury. 


Here are some additional random thoughts. 

*When I have an item that shows up in a treasury, I edit the title to include (at the end) TREASURY ITEM. Then in the description …This item is currently featured in the following treasury…and I provide a link to the treasury.  This way if someone finds my item by accident they may click the link and discover the treasury

* Follow Etsy’s Terms of Use at all times

* Promote the treasury on Facebook, or Twitter or whatever other venues you can. 

So…those are some quick hits.  The members of the team can certainly offer up some more ideas on what works well for them…and what does not.  So, let’s get out there and create some more fabulous treasuries.  They are fun...give it a try.

As always, if you have questions, drop me a convo and I’ll see if I can help, or put it out there to the team …you are bound to find some idea.  Hope this was helpful. 

So as I started to work on the whole issue of tagging I realized just how important it was and realized I can’t do it in just one post. So this is Post One of several (probably 3 over the next few days). I’m going to start with the topic of our Team Tag

TEAM TAG – Action required

Okay so over the next while we will be sorting out a few things with our new fabulous team. Short form of our name is FMNDD (Forget-me-nots Daily Discoveries). Our team tag will be FMNDDTeam. So you are probably saying to yourself…how nice…why do I need to know that. Well here’s why and what we need you to do.

Being a member of a team creates a special bond. We need to be able to find each others’ listings efficiently without too much hunting. Say I want to create a treasury of blue items using our team items. If you have tagged your items with the team tag, I can quickly locate them by searching “Blue FMNDDTeam.” This saves me looking at each store one by one searching for blue. As our team grows in size, as it is doing day over day, this will become an increasingly important tag to add.

Here’s what you need to do:
Over the next while we need you to insert the team tag in your listings so that at least 25% of your listings are tagged FMNDDTeam. More would be great but at least 25% gives us a good sampling and may become a team requirement. While you are there editing your listing to insert this tag, review the other tags you are using….are you happy with them … if not, now is the time to change them. There will be more suggestions on tagging down the road over the weekend.

If your store is like mine and you have lots of listings trying to do them one by one can be a challenge. Contact me and I can send you a link to a site that will allow you to do bulk changes.

Stay tuned for more helpful hints each day. Tags; info on building a Team Treasury, the power of renewing listings; getting that title just right; And, I’m open to suggestions…have a topic in mind, send me a convo.

Okay time to check your store for just a moment…does it say what you want it to say. Take a look at the upper left corner of your shop. You will see your shop name (naturally) but what does it say just below that? This line SHOULD say what you sell. We’ve talked about this on an off in the other thread but it bears repeating and acting on if you haven’t already.
That second line under your shop name is Google searchable. Make sure it tells people what you sell -handcrafted jewelry, fine art card, hand stitched items …whatever…just make it accurate.
Mine says TheOldBarnDoor Vintage Postcards, Paper Ephemera and covers
FMN says - Cards, Jewelry, Gift Sets & Custom Paper Good.
Instead of repeating your store name or having your name and location consider changing it to drive more people to your store. After all, people can’t buy from you if they can’t find you.
Got to “Your Etsy” and select “Shop Settings” then “Info & Appearance”
“About your Shop” will have your shop name (which you can’t change)
Shop Info Title…right there…that’s where you can tell the world what wonderful things you sell. Don’t forget to scroll down and click SAVE.

Take a moment to make the change…it’s a small one but it will pay off. Hope that helps.

To keep our team forums uncluttered I'm going to open a Team Treasuries thread.  This is where everyone should post ALL treasuries made.  This way people can look at their own pace.   You can also post treasury links in the daily thread for people to visit.  I will keep a running list and post it periodically throughout the day in the days thread. 

This will make it easier for people to keep track of which treasuries they've visited instead of seeing 64 different threads with links spread all over.... 

I will move all treasuries posted in the last two days into the new thread and close the other threads.  This is only being done to keep the team forum clutter free not to stop you from promoting, we WANT you to promote!

So please post treasuries in the Team Treasury thread.  People will be able to keep up by checking the same thread every day and quickly be able to find where they left off.  As a side note to this, lets keep the posts to treasury links only and comment on the treasury page itself!  This after all is what makes them popular lots of clicks and comments! 

Don't forget, you may also post your links in the daily threads and comment on them there too, just keep the treasury thread uncluttered by posting the link only...  If anyone has any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me by convo....